Light of Your Life 


The show consisted of selected photographs from community members who sent the artist images of things that brought “light into their lives.” The photographs were turned into paintings and reflect the unity of humanity's experiences through color and the individuality of each image through line.

An evening of celebration took place February 3rd, 2013. The participants shared personal reasons why they chose a particular photograph, and their paintings were exhibited. 


From the artist, "My intention was to create paintings that had some depth to the subject matter. I wanted the art to be experienced not just as a painting on the wall, but also as a story. By asking others what brought joy into their lives, I feel like I was only adding to that joy by focusing on it. Even the act of sharing their love for their daughter, or dog, or fiancé was spreading their joy with the rest of us. When I consider the effect of making a photo into a painting, and exhibiting it in a gallery, I have found that it puts the subject matter into a higher realm of consideration, and remarkably conserves that happiness in a new way." 


At the end of the evening each person took home their art, with only their participation as the fee.     

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